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Open Crowdstaffing  Platform
Crowd Hunter
is a platform that allows Employers, Recruitment Agencies and Individuals to collaborate together.

keep recruitment cost under control

get access to multiple Recruitment Agencies

speed up the recruitment process

For Recruitment Agencies


Network recruitment people

For Employers

Have You Encountered These Challenges ?

If you have, Crowd Hunter will help you address them in a smart and effective way

  • do you need employees to grow or maintain your business ?

  • are you looking for a Recruitment Agency or not satisfied with the one you are working with ? 

  • is the cost of recruitment too high for you ?

  • is the recruitment process dragging on or have you received too few interesting resumes ?


What is Crowdstaffing ?

Crowdstaffing is an innovative approach to hiring that leverages the power of crowdsourcing to fill open positions. This model typically involves a platform that allows businesses to connect directly with a large pool of potential candidates from various sources. Crowdstaffing can streamline the recruitment process, providing companies with more diverse candidates, faster hires, and often a significant reduction in hiring costs. Crowdstaffing democratizes the recruitment process, allowing potential employees to compete for jobs on a more equal footing.

How You Benefit


  • get access to multiple Recruitment Agencies with just  a few clicks

  • decide about recruitment costs and guarantee period

  • speed up the recruitment process

Recruitment Agencies

  • get an access to new Clients and markets

  • help your Candidates to get their dream job

  • earn extra money on new projects


  • apply for a job and get a signing bonus

  • refer a friend and get an extra reward

  • pick the career/position you want

How It Works

Recruitment Agencies


You have a recruitment project


define skills and competencies 


set the referral bonus amount and guarantee period


open the project in Crowd Hunter

Recruitment Agencies


You have a Candidate or want a new job


search projects published by Employers and Recruitment Agencies


recommend your Candidate or yourself


receive a referral bonus after the guarantee period has passed

multiple Recruitment Agencies and Individuals get a notification and start searching for the perfect candidate


evaluate received Candidates in Crowd Hunter


hire candidates and only pay referral bonus after guarantee period has passed

Simple & efficient workflow

Our platform allows you to publish job offers, manage the entire Candidate sourcing process and cooperate globally with Recruitment Agencies.

Review, evaluate and select the best.

Integrates easily with industry-leading software

Integrate Crowd Hunter with your ATS.

Working on it - coming soon..

Make recruitment process smart, fast and effective. Crowdstaffing - let's cooperate.

Build an advantage on your network of contacts and work with many Recruitment Agencies, Freelancers and Individuals at once.

Network of people

How Crowdstaffing and Crowd Hunter Make Your Life Easier? 

Simplifies and speeds up the recruitment process

Helps to save time & money 

Allows to cooperate globally with just few clicks

Opens up new business opportunities

With the Right Crowdstaffing Platform, Everything Is Possible

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