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Helping Brands across Industries Achieve Their Goals 

with Crowd Hunter:

get access to multiple Recruitment Agencies with just a few clicks

significantly reduce and have control over recruitment costs

speed up the recruitment process

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increase the chances of attracting the best Candidates

do not have to search for Recruitment Agencies or negotiate contracts

can use our Platform to manage their referrals and signing bonus program

Recruitment Agencies
with Crowd Hunter:

have constant access to job offers published directly by Employers or other Recruitment Agencies

no longer need to negotiate a contract to cooperate with a new Employer - cooperation takes place through Crowd Hunter

can offer Candidates the best available jobs on the market that they do not have in their portfolio

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know what remuneration they will receive in the case of successful  Candidate they recommended

are not limited to a local market, with Crowd Hunter they can easily establish cooperation with Employers around the world

by publishing an offer can increase their chances of getting the best Candidates from other Agencies or an individual

with Crowd Hunter:

can increase chances of speeding up their careers

can get their dream job or help their colleagues get their dream job

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get access to multiple Recruitment Agencies with just a few clicks

can earn extra money for referring themselves (as a signing bonus ) or their friends (as referral Bonus)

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